Our Lighting Project  -- 2015 - 2016


This project was an en-LIGHT-ning one. Generous contributions allowed for the conversion from fluorescent lighting in our wall cases to new LED technology. LED ribbon lights were installed in the floor cases, now every shelf is showing off the artifact it house.  Th additional LED track lights really highlights specific artifacts in our exhibit areas.  As it seems with all project our light project took longer than expected, but was so worth the wait. You should stop in and SEE the museum in a whole different light!

Our Make-Over Project

Many Many Thanks to Roger Reed and his Starmont High School Construction Class!!!   Our 2014 Make - Over project would not be what is is today without their skills, hard work, and dedication.  The new walls were constructed at the school during class periods, the frames and materials were then delivered by Strawberry Point Building Supply to the museum where the jig saw puzzle was pieced together to form the walls that have now been transformed into exhibit space and 'rooms or sets', and very much needed storage space. 

If you would like to help with the museum's projects or support the museum in general, please send your check or money order to: Wilder Memorial Museum ATTN: Director, PO Box 206, Strawberry Point, IA  52076.  

Thank you!

PO Box 206
123 W. Mission St
Strawberry Point, IA 52076


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